Submerged Welding Machine TRACTOR Peg1-K4


√Gas Metal/Arc Welding (MIG/MAG)
√Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
This product is made in two below types:
• Single wire submerged Welding
• Twin wire submerged Welding tractor
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  1. A highly robust and light truck with excellent design of parts
  2. A high speed of travel in welding operation
  3. Possibility of being connected to the full automatic submerged arc power source (TCR)
  4. Possibility of welding in different positions (Flat and Fillet)
  5. Possibility of welding on steel sheets with 3 mm thickness and more
  6. Equipped with a laser guided indicator for determining the weld path with a distance of 10 cm
    from the welding nozzle
  7. Having an advanced fast and precise pre-setting system for adjusting all welding parameters
    (ampere, voltage, velocity) prior to welding
  8. Equipped with two axes to adjust the weld head in three axes for changing, transferring and
    adjusting height, width and angle
  9. Possibility of installing a two wire directory set for cladding and hard facing operations
  10. Having a feedback system for precise control of weld pool and a high quality welding
  11. Savings through welding time and material consumption compared to other welding methods
  12. Having a high quality welding throughout the welding path
  1. Having three potentiometers for welding ampere, voltage and velocity adjustment
  2. Having three ampere, voltage and velocity digital display
  3. Having a welding parameters pre-setting potentiometer
  4. Having a power supply switch (lifting the wire up/down)
  5. Having a switch for changing the direction of tractor
  6. Having a potentiometer fore adjusting the velocity motion of tractor
  7. Having two on/off switches
  1. Equipped with a wire feeder for supplying wire rod
  2. Equipped with a control panel and a digital display for welding ampere, voltage and velocity
  3. Pulleys with adequate grooves (Roll Feeder) for supplying 2-4mm welding rods
  4. Equipped with submerged pulley wires with a load bearing capacity of 30 kg and a nozzle tube
  5. Equipped with a powder tank (Flux Box) with a capacity of 6 liters
  6. Having two handles in the front and back of truck for easy transportation
  7. Having a clutch for locking the wheels