Submerged Welding Machine TCR 1000,1250,1600 A


KARA TCR Automatic submerged welding power source with a capacity of 1000, 1250 and 1600 amp with widespread standard specifications and a selection of efficient equipment is the consequence of years of engineering experience and latest technology which has been designed and manufactured for enhancing the quality and efficiency of welding operation.


  1. Submerged Welding
    The excellent specifications of TCR, 1000, 1250 & 1600A has turned it into an ideal power source
    for submerged welding. All the standard equipment has been included in KARA TCR power source.
    The remote control of TCR power supply has provided the possibility of aligning it with automatic
    welding systems.
  2. CO2 Welding (Shield Gas)
    This power supply system is ideal for welding with shield gas at a low amperage and voltage.
  3. Gouging Operation (Arc-Oxy)
    The TCR power source has appropriate features and is highly cost-effective for being used in the
    gouging cutting method.
  4. Manual Welding
    The TCR power supply sources have been designed so that if there is no need to use submerged
    arc welding, they can be used as the manual welding power supply