Tondar Inverter 200A


√A Welding Machine with Inverter Technology (IGBT)
√ Industrial and Household Applications
√ Easy to Carry
√ Maximum Welding Cable Size
√ Suitable for Various Acid and Alkaline Electrodes Welding


  1. Earth Clamp
  2. Electrode Holder
  3. Two Male Sockets
  4. 5 M Welding Cable
  1. Easy to Carry, Light, Low Power, Noiseless
  2. Suitable for Welding up to Size 4
  3. Excellent Welding Quality
  4. Actual Output Current 200 Amp
  5. Compatible with Diesel Generator
  6. Suitable for Working in Dusty, Damp or Humid Environments
  7. Having an Internal Arc Torque
  8. Over-Current Protection
  9. Over-Voltage Protection