Inverter KIW 500A


√ Possibility of Welding with Manual Metal Arc Process (MMA Welding)
√ Possibility of Using in Pipe Welding
√ Suitable for all Industrial Projects Including Metal Structure, Oil and Gas, Auto-making
Construction and Tower Building Industries


  1. Excellent and Reliable Performance for Welding Various Metals at the Highest Welding Quality
  2. Design and Manufacture Using the Latest Welding Digital Technology and IGBT Technology
  3. Suitable for Continuous Welding for Three Work Shifts with High Power and %100 Duty Cycle
  4. Possibility of Using Various Welding Electrodes Including Alkaline, Acid and Cellulosic Electrodes
  5. Possibility of Connecting to the Diesel Generator with the Minimum Required Amperage at the Time of Start of the Welding
  6. Robust, Compact and Light with High Efficiency and Power Factor
  7. Very Low Power Consumption and Tangible Energy Saving
  8. Having a Slow Arc with Controllable Molten Pool
  9. Using Nano Technology Main Trans
  10. Possibility of Adjusting Welding Amperage
  11. Possibility of Easy Transportation and Warehousing
  12. Two-Fold Electrostatic Flux Coating
  13. Considerable Reduction in Energy Consumption and Costs
  14. Reduction in Negative Impact of Voltage Fluctuations and Protection against Over Current
  15. Possibility of Controlling Dynamic Features at Various Conditions and Sustainable Weld Parameters