DC TIG Welding Machine-KTW400


√Suitable for Welding Beams with Thin Thickness from 5.0 mm and above in Metal Industries
√Useful for Welding Various Metals (Except Aluminum) up to a Current Capacity of 400 Amp
√Possibility of Being Used in both Manual Welding and TIG Welding
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  1. Having an Output Current DC suitable for Long Performance and High Production
    Capacity (Heavy Duty)
  2. Equipped with an Up Slope potentiometer at the Start of Welding (Changeable)
  3. Equipped with a Down Slope potentiometer at the End of Welding (Changeable)
  4. Equipped with a Potentiometer with Digital Amperage for Adjusting the Current
  5. Having an HF and Start Welding System with High-Frequency Current
  6. Having a Cable, an Electrode Holder Welding tool, a Remote Controller and a Selection
  7. Having a Sustainable Slow Arc for Achieving the Highest Welding Quality
  8. Equipped with a PLC Programming to Issue Commands and a Solenoid Valve to Control
    Shield Gas
  9. Having a T2 and T4 System
  10. Equipped with Pre-flow and Post-flow Gas Tim
  1. TIG Welding Torch (Optional and If Requested)
  2. Accompanied by an Air Cooled TIG Torch (If the Air Cooled System is selected)
  3. Accompanied by a Water Cooled TIG Torch (If the Water Cooled System is selected)
  4. Water Cooled Unit
  5. Equipped with a Flow Switch and an On/Off Signal Unit
  6. Having a Mechanism for Detecting Water Pressure and a Warning Signal to Cut off Water Supply A Manometer (Italy) (Optional and If Ordered)
  7. A Manometer (Italy) (Optional and If Ordered)
  1. Power Supply (Supplying Heat for Melting Edge Joint and Steel Wire
  2. Electrode (Typically Tungsten Electrode) and Filler Metal
  3. Water Circulate Cooling System
  4. Welding Cable
  5. Welding Torch
  6. Shielding Gas Supplier