Air Gouging Cutting Machine LHG 1250 A


Arc Air Gouging (Cutting) Machine uses carbon electrode and compressed air for cutting carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other metals. In this method, a carbon electrode is used for melting the metal and compressed air for removal of molten metal. Also, the compressed air causes cooling of electrode.
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  1. Excellent Design for working under hard conditions in factories
  2. Voltage control up to 1250 amp
  3. Capability of welding with coated electrode
  4. Making an excellent arc at the start of welding
  5. High power factor and efficiency
  6. Equipped with a digital potentiometer and an ampere meter
  7. Accompanied by an earth connection cable and remote controller
  8. Equipped with a twin negative connection to avoid heating the machine and earth connection cable
  1. Having an Arc Force Potentiometer for Controlling Arc in Particular Welding
  2. Equipped with Exact Amperage Adjustment as Pre-setting
  3. Equipped with Surge Current Potentiometer for Hot Start Current
  4. Having Two Over-Heat and Over-Current Warning Lights
  5. Having a Two State Switch for Determination of Cellulosic Electrode
  6. A Welding Current Digital Display (Ampere Meter)
  7. An Operation Mode Selection Switch (Manual/Automatic)
  1. Suitable for cutting and removing contaminations
    from various metals
  2. Suitable for preparing root pass, creating grooves,
    removing incomplete welds and detaching welded