Railway Wheels cladding machine


Train wheel cladding machine Train wheel welding machines have the following features
Ability to load up to 3 tons on the machine's turntable.
Has a powder storage tank with a capacity of 150 kg performance In order to speed up the repair and restoration of damaged wheels of trains and other railway industries, Kara company designed and produced a semi-automatic device that can weld and repair damaged wheels as soon as possible.


Various welding processes
Flux-Core Arc Welding (FCAW)
weld patterns

3000 Kg
Welding heads
Control SystemHMI Control Panel
Powder tank50kg
Wire Feeder Motor
DC - 190W - 24V - 800RPM
Welding process controller
Rotation speed
0.1- 0.5 rpm
power source brandKARA – TCR 1250
Core ComponentsPLC, Bearing, Gearbox, Pressure vessel, Gear

Setting range250A / 24V – 1250 / 44V

Max. load at 100% duty cycle1250A / 44V
Max. output voltage variation for 5% in variation
Max. output current at 100% D.C.106A
Open circuit voltage55V D.C
No load power500W
Input power3Ph/380V/50H
Full load Cos ø0.92
Full load efficiency0.86
Cooling TypeAir circuit with fan
Protection classIP22
Insulation classH (180°C)
Dimension L/W/H760 / 590 / 1435 mm
Weight490 Kg
Fuse (time lag)125 A
Input cable area4 x 25 mm
Output cable area2 x 95 mm