Head and Tailstock Welding Positioner


Designed for the assembly, material handling and welding applications industries, Headstock & Tailstock elevating and tilt work positioners can be customized to fit your facility's requirements including fixed‐fixed, fixed‐adjustable, fixed‐mobile, and fully portable positioner options.


  1. A headstock/tailstock spins on both the vertical and horizontal axis.
  2. Rotating about the horizontal axis – coupled with a custom fixture design – a rollover for material
    handling provides clear access to the top, bottom, front and back of the part.
  3. In a welding application, welds are presented to the operator with optimal weld positioning, torch
    access, and torch angles resulting in improved quality when using the material handling rotisserie.
  4. A work positioner will translate vertical position welds to an optimal flat or horizontal position.
  5. In all applications [inspection, assembly, cleaning, etc] the part is rotated into the worker envelope,
    reducing ergonomic fatigue, increasing productivity and up-time as the weld positioner offers optimal

ItemValue / Brand
Dimensions Each headLengthL:2400, W: 3100, H: 4900
Height to CenterlineMinimum Height to Centerline820 mm
Maximum Height to Centerline3200 mm
Vertical stroke2400 mm
Total WeightApprox. 7500 kg each head
Lift systemSpeedLift0.5 M/Min
MotorType7.5 kw -Ac Motor - 1400 Rpm- Qty. :2
BrandElectrogen - Motogen
Gear boxTypeWorm gear - Qty. :2
BrandRahnama / Sahanddour
GuideRail-WheelBall bearing / Nachi
Power transmissionLead ScrewQty. :2 Each head
Leveling systemEncoder on each head
Level errorMax. 10 mm
RotationSpeedRotation0 - 0.5 Rpm
MotorType7.5 kw- Servo motor - Qty. :1
Gear boxTypeWorm gear- Qty. :1
BrandRahnama/ Sahanddour
GuideBox bearing2 Roller + 1 taper Bearings / Nachi
Power transmissionSpur Gear + Pinion
Synchronize systemby internal servo motor encoder
Longitudinal MovementSpeed4 M/Min
MotorTypeAC motor
BrandMotogen - Electrogen
Gear boxTypeWorm gear
BrandSEW - Pars Gorji Sanat
Stroke8 M
linear movementRailway rails (R33)
MaterialChassis1.0037 (St37)Fabric Sheet
Spur gear1.0045 (St52)Fabric Sheet
Axis - rods - pinion1.1191 (Ck45)
PrimerZinc Rich 80-110 µ
Top coatEpoxy 90-110 µ
WorkpieceMax. Weight15 ton