Shot Blasting Machine


In this machines, steel bullets (shot-shot) after entering the centrifugal turbines of the device are accelerated and sprayed on the surface of the part, which due to these high-speed and consecutive collisions of the bullets, shooting operations are performed in these devices.


      The shot blasting machines can be used for performing the following operations:

  1. Paint removal, sand removal and paint stripping internal and external surfaces of work-pieces.
  2. Layer removal of various forged work-pieces surfaces
  3. Roughening surfaces of work-pieces (Using grit) for optimization of enameling and Teflon coating for better longevity and quality.
  4. Preparation of surfaces for performing various industrial and decorative or paint electroplating.
  5. Cleaning and preparing work-pieces (Shot Blasting)

Effective workpiece dimensionsW : 2000 mm – H : 2200 mm – L : 12000 mm
Number of machine turbines10 Turbine
Power of machine turbines(7.5 OR 11) Kw - Motors 300 rpm
(Simens OR Electrogene)
Machine's control system PLC – FATEK
Shot collection and transmission system3 Screw + Elevator – Automatic by PLC control
dust collection system Automatic by Exhaust fan
Dust suction power of Machine15 Kw – 3000 rpm
Number of Machine's dust collection filters10 Filter – Cartridge
Set of input and output conveyor tables7000 mm X 4 Set (2.2) Kw
Shot storage tank capacity6 Ton
Degree of Surface roughnessSa2 – Sa2 1/2
turbine launch angle adjustment7 º - Manual
Panel's degree of protectionIP 54
Machine’s Electric Power ConsumptionNominal Current @ Max. loud: 380v – 50Hz 3ph – 110 A
turbine power supply system Automatic Pneumatic Jacks by PLC control
Overall Machine's Dimension (mm)W: 7950 mm, H: 10250 mm, L :8000 mm
A :(Height from ground) 7550
Overall Machine's Weight (kg)11900 kg
Additional optionsA. Equipped with a sensor to detect the entry of the workpiece to start and stop the turbines and prevent shot wasting
B. Top cabin equipped with puzzled anti-wear and replaceable cast iron
C. The lower cabin is equipped with puzzled anti-wear and replaceable anti-wear tires
D. Cabin rollers equipped with puzzled anti-wear cover and replaceable
E. The system has 3 rows of anti-wear curtains at the entrance and exit of the tunnel
F. Equipped with operation program for screws and elevators after turning off the machine in order to collect shots and prevent their accumulation and tightening in turbines and machine parts