H Straightening Machine Type B


H Beam Hydraulic Straightening Machine is composed of main motor, reducer, active roller, correcting roller device, active roller lifting cylinder, web, wing clamping device, main frame, machine base, front and rear conveying rollers, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc. The equipment has compact structure, high strength and sufficient rigidity.


        This machine is two correction wheels on the top straighten the flange downward.

        The difference is,the power of correction wheel is from hydraulic cylinder instead of gear reducer.

        The characteristic of using top correction wheel is:

  1. both sides of flange can be corrected separately and can control the effect of straightening so that to make the web vertical after straightening.
  2. The roller conveyor no need elevating which can save cost and easy for operation.The features of straightening equipment:
    - Rolling main chassis (Rolling roller)
    - Entrance conveyor table
    - Output conveyor table
    - Hydraulic jacks
    - Hydraulic unit (Hydraulic pump station)
    - Motor and traction gearbox
    - Electric control system

H-Beam's Web LengthMin: 250 mm - Max: 800 mm
H-Beam's Web ThicknessMin: 8 mm – Max: 25 mm
H-Beam's Length Min: 2000 mm – Max: 12000 mm
Machine's movement & assembly speed 10000 mm / min (7.5 kw)
Machine's control system Inverter - Delta
Panel's degree of protectionIP 52
Machine’s Electric Power Consumption Nominal Current @ Max. loud: 380v –
50Hz 3ph – 25 A
Set of machine tables 6000 mm, 2set
Working pressure of hydraulic assemblies and cables Up to 180 bars
0 Overall Machine's Dimension (mm)L: 1450 mm, W:3700 mm, H:1600 mm
Overall Machine's Weight (kg) 4000 kg