CNC Plate Drilling Machine


An Integrated, Stressed Relieved, Welded Structure.
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  1. An Integrated, Stressed Relieved, Welded Structure.
  2. All the Motion Axes under CNC Control.
  3. Travel of X, Y Axes Using Servo Motor and Ball Screw on Linear bearings.
  4. Z axis Forward Command under CNC Control Using Servo Motor and Ball Screw on Linear Ball bearings.
  5. Z Axis Equipped with an Electric brake.
  6. Spindle Equipped with Servo Spindle with Maximum Output Turning Speed 3000rmp.
  7. Machine Programming Using G Code Generation (in office computer).
  8. Input method of DXF Machine from TEKLA Structures or Power Mill and Solid Work 3D Software.
  9. A Controller Equipped with the Most Commonly Used drilling Cycles as Default.
  10. Possibility of Using Various Drill Bits including High Speed Steel (HSS), Carbide, tapping surface, Milling and Replaceable Diamond Core Drill Bits.

Effective workpiece dimensionsLength: 2200 mm, Width: 1600 mm, Thickness: 8 – 100 mm
Number of spindles1 Spindle – BT 40
Number of machine axes3 AXES
Specifications and speed range of the spindle4 Specifications and speed range of the spindle AC Servo Motor: 18.5 kw
Max Spindle Speed: 3500 Rpm
Max Drilling Torque: 230 Nm - Spindle Taper: BT 40
Machine's control system Tex Computer (ITALY)
Machine's Control system featuresG Code Generation (External Software) – USB
Maximum linear velocity of Y axis
(Longitudinal movement of the gate)
10000 mm/min
Maximum X-axis linear velocity
(Transverse spindle motion)
10000 mm/min
Maximum Z axis linear velocity
(Vertical spindle motion)
5000 mm/min
Z-axis motion course (vertical spindle motion)650 mm
Machine's Movement accuracy ± 0.02 mm
Machine's Drilling accuracy Depended to drill life and quality
Type of drillsHSS: Min: 6 mm / Max: 35 mm (direct)
HSS: Max 40 mm (with leading drill)
Drill insert (spade drill) HSS Min: 10 mm / Max: 35 mm
Index-able U-Drill: Min 24mm / Max 30 mm
Tool change magazine (Optional)Horizontal Disc Type Magazine
Capacity: 6 Tools
Tool Model: BT 40
Max Tool Length: 320 mm
Possibility of operating the hydraulic table of the deviceSimultaneously from 4 sides of the table with separate hydraulic control
load capacity of machine's hydraulic table1 Piece up to 6 Pieces (middle & corner)
coolant systemMisting Coolant, Internal & External
Y-axis motor and gearbox
(Longitudinal movement of the gate)
AC Servo Motor: 3Kw – 1500 rpm
Pulley and Timing Belt
fixed Ball Screw + Linear Guide (2 sets)
X-axis motor and gearbox
(Spindle transverse motion)
AC Servo Motor: 3Kw – 1500 rpm
Direct Flexible Coupling
Ball Screw + Linear Guide
Z-axis motor and gearboxAC Servo Motor: 3Kw – 1500 rpm
Electrical Break
Pulley and Timing Belt
Ball Screw + Linear Guide
Panel's degree of protectionIP 20
Machine’s Electric Power Consumption (full load)Nominal Current @ max. load = 380 V – 50 Hz – 3 Ph-90 A
Machine's collecting chip systemBelt chip transfer conveyer - steel - movable - equipped with wheeled unloading bucket
Operator's application equipmentCoolant Sprinkler Guns/ compress air: Blower Guns
Overall Machine's Dimension (mm)L: 6100 mm, W: 4100 mm, H: 2600 mm
Overall Machine's Weight (kg)6500 Kg

     TexComputer (Italy)

       Technical Specifications:

  1. 24 VDC power supply
  2. 16 digital inputs PNP 24-volt IE C61131-1
  3. 1 digital input PNP 24 Volt
  4. 1 digital input PNP 24 Volt
  5. 4 outputs PNP 24Vdc 50 mA opto-isolated
  6. 9 analog inputs Sigma Delta 14 bit
  7. 1 analog inputs +/- 10-volt 14 bit
  8. 1 input 0-20 ma 14 bit
  9. 3 analog inputs 0.5-volt 14 bit
  10. 4 analog inputs 0.5 volt 14 bi
  11. 20 analog inputs available on connector
  12. 4 analog outputs +/- 10 volt with 16-bit DAC
  13. 6 PWM/STEP-DIR
  14. 4 incremental Line Driver 5-volt encoder input
  15. 8 I/O TTL settable and available Connector
  16. 1 RS232
  17. 1 RS232/RS485
  18. 2 CAN BUS
  19. 1 Ethernet port
  20. 1 USB 1.1 and 1USB 2.0
  21. 1 SPI for expansions
  23. XGA graphic controller with connector for
    LVDS remote terminal
  24. Keypad interface up to 75 keys
  25. Resistive 4.5 wires touch scree
  26. CPU 264MHZ Dual Core
  27. FPU unit for 32- or 64-bit calculation
  28. Flash 16MB
  29. Buffered 8Mb SRAM
  30. 512KB volatile SRAM
  31. 16MB serial DATA FLASH