Strip Cutting Machine


Suitable for making strip cutting from steel plate oxy-fuel method.
Robust structure ,formed by welding & machining processes.
You can order this device with your preferred options.


  1. Suitable for making strip cutting from steel plate oxy-fuel method.
  2. Transverse cutting ability.
  3. Robust structure – formed by welding & machining processes.
  4. Linear movement powered by step motor , rack & pinion.
  5. Tow step motor, planetary gearbox, rack & pinion in gantry configuration for smooth and vibrationless movement.
  6. Nozzle up/down – left/right movement in linear bearing path.
  7. Control system: PLC + membrane polycarbonate panel.
  8. User friendly.
  9. Each torch controlled by electric valve separately for saving oxygen & fuel gas, accurate timing & easy operation.
  10. Rail cleaning brush.
  11. Spring pinion pusher for decrease backlash & safety.
  12. Robust and level adjustable rail system.
  13. Steel and bend type bed (easy replacement).
  14. Automatic torch heigh adjustment system for each torch (optional).

Effective cutting width (mm)2500
Effective cutting length (mm)6000
Number of cutting stations (Optional)Strip Cutting: 5 Torches up to 9 torches
Transverse Torch: 1 Torch
Minimum and maximum distance between torches (mm)105 – 420
Strip cutting thickness (mm)Single Torch: 300 / Five Torches: 5 – 100
Maximum jogging speed (mm/min)2000
Machine's control system PLC FATEK
Possibility of beveling by torches tilting.±45° - Manual
Cutting Flame's Reflect Protection system Flashback Arrestor
Panel's degree of protectionIP 20
Machine’s Electric Power Consumption220V-50 Hz-1PH-16A
Cable protection and guidance systemEnergy chain guide
System for turning on/off cutting torchAutomatic spark plug transformer
Machine's linear movement systemT90/B rail + Rack Pinion
Machine's Driving components Step motors + planetary gearbox
Possibility to increase the length and width of machine (optional)Width: Up to 4m
Length: Up to 12 m
Possibility to increase Number of cutting torches (optional)Up to 12 torches Depending on machine width
Overall Machine's Dimension (mm)8000 x 3950
Overall Machine's Weight (kg)2800