CNC Cutting Machine Economy


This CNC Cutting Machine ,Suitable for making exact cuttings in various shapes and sizes using Oxy-Fuel and plasma cutting techniques.
Possibility of cutting various geometric shapes on the tube and Having a robust and durable machining structure.
You can order this device with your preferred options.


  1. Suitable for making exact cuttings in various shapes and sizes using Oxy-Fuel and plasma cutting techniques.
  2. Possibility of Oxy-Fuel or plasma torch Installation on the leading head.
  3. Having a robust and durable machining structure.
  4. Having an accurate and high-speed linear motion using servo motor and precision gearbox with a Very Low Backlash.
  5. Equipped with two servo motors and low backlash gearboxes at the two sides of machine for a constant and vibration less motion. (Gantry bridge)
  6. possibility of transferring longitudinal motion force of cutting gate using a rack pinion for a fast and precise travel speed.
  7. Possibility of linear movement of cutting torch on the linear ball bearings using a bevel gear for fast and precise movements (Rack pinion and linear guide).
  8. Using the microstep Computer torch control system made in Italy with a 2016 performance Version.
  9. Equipped with an automatic height control system for torches to prevent crashing of torch with Plate (optional).
  10. Equipped with solenoid valves for each torch to avoid oxygen and gas waste, to adjust cutting flame and easy operation.
  11. Equipped with flashback arrestor for flame safety.
  12. Having a dust swiper for slide rails.
  13. Equipped with robust, integrated and adjustable slide rails for weak inclined workshop bed.
  14. Having a set of robust steel and tables and steel band stand which can be replaced bend easily.

Effective cutting width
(mm) 2500
Effective cutting length (mm)6000
Type of cutting torches Single: Plasma or Oxy-fuel
Plasma cutting's power supply KARA Plasma 200A or other brands
Plasma cutting thickness (mm)0.5 – 25 for Carbon steel (Recommended) / up to 45 (Max cutting range)
0.5 – 20 for Stainless Steel (Recommended) / up to 35 (Max cutting range)
0.5 – 15 for Aluminum (Recommended) / up to 25 (Max cutting range)0.5 – 20 for Stainless Steel (Recommended) / up to 35 (Max cutting range)
0.5 – 15 for Aluminum (Recommended) / up to 25 (Max cutting range
Plasma hole piercing thickness (mm)Max 15 mm
Oxy-fuel cutting thickness (mm) Single Torch: 5 - 300
Maximum jogging speed (mm/min)2000
Machine's control system (optional)MicroStep (China)
Cutting Flame's safety systemFlashback Arrestor
Oxy-fuel torch’s height adjustment systemManual
Plasma torch adjustment system (Optional)Manual
Protection classificationIP 20
Machine’s Electric Power Consumption220V-50 Hz-1PH-16A
Cable protection and guidance systemEnergy chain guide
System for turning on oxy-fuel cutting torch Automatic spark plug transformer
Machine's linear movement system Wheel + Rack & Pinion
Machine's Driving components Servo motors + planetary gearbox
Possibility to increase the length and width
of machine (optional)
Length: Up to 12 m
Overall Machine's Dimension (mm)7300 x 3500
Overall Machine's Weight (kg)2140
Machine's Worktable (Options)Standard

MicroStep (China)

Technical Specifications:

  1. Large LCD: 15” CC-Z4 Cutting Numerical Controller Four Torches separately control. It has many cutting types and it works well in worse environment.
  2. Stronger Industrial Embedded Core.
  3. Support various compound cutting, plasma, flame, laser, line-draw, drill, can steady work in the electromagnetism environment.
  4. Support different cutting, such as cutting, such and so on. It can stably work under complicated electromagnetic environment.
  5. Transferring file method: USB.
  6. Adjustable cutting torch: Kerf.
  7. Predefined figure library.
  8. Backward cutting facility.
  9. G-code Generator: pronest software programs (in office).
  10. Open loop servo control.
  11. Oxy- fuel & plasma height control: External.
  12. User friendly.
  13. Simple operator training.