Box Beam Assembly Machine


Kara Welding & Cutting Ind. Mfg. Co. has embarked on designing and manufacturing Box Beam Assembly Machine for facilitation of industrial and heavy duty boxes assembly and automation of technical productions. This machine has four major hydraulic jacks for fixing the box beam walls and four auxiliary hydraulic jacks for adjusting the locations of these major jacks. There are several benefits to this machine including high power, a robust structure and easy operation. The production efficiency of this machine is as 3-4 times as the other methods causing a reduction in costs and an increase in production speed and quality.


  1. The steel box beam assembling machine mainly consist of rail, travel device, rack, cross beam and
    platform, up press device, side press device, hydraulic system, electronic control system etc.
  2. The travel device is two side driven. The motor reducing gear drives the machine to do longitudinal
    travel along the rail.
  3. The zigzag hook will retract when the up pressing hydraulic cylinder presses. The positioning and
    clamping of the box beam bottom plate, cap and internal baffle is accomplished synchronously. And
    it can protect the base machine from pressure so that all the pressing force will be consumed by the
    workpiece, thus protecting the base machine from being damaged by the pressure.
  4. The base machine adopts box structure to get enough intensity. The mobile object is square sliding
    block which can bear greater forces and can be wearable. The complete hydraulic system is installed
    on the rack, so that the operation is quite convenient.
  5. In order to ensure the positioning of plates on two side of the box girder during assembly, the
    workpiece frame is equipped with assist steering device for side plate adjustment, thus effectively
    ensuring the reliability of workpiece assembly.

Box DimensionMin: 320x320 mm
Max: 1000x1000 mm
Box ThicknessMin: 8 mm – Max: 50 mm
Box LengthMin: 1500 mm – Max: 12000 mm
Box Maximum loading capacity1200 kg/m
Machine's movement & assembly speed2 ~ 10 m/min
Machine's control system Inverter - Delta
Panel's degree of protectionIP52
Machine's Electric Power ConsumptionNominal Current @ Max. loud:
380v – 50Hz 3ph – 90A
Set of machine tables7500 mm, 2 sets
Working pressure of hydraulic assemblies and cablesUp to 180 bars
Overall Machine's Dimension (mm)W:4030 mm / H:3450 mm / L:1540 mm
Overall Machine's Weight (kg)6800 kg