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  1. KARA H beam assembly machine (A) can be used for manufacturing various T & H shapes steel structures in different industries.
  2. Involving 7 Chassis parts including 1 main Chassis set, 3 movable table sets equipped with 4 web and flange plate and 3 swivel table.
  3. Having 2 weld and forward velocity simultaneously with Possibility of changing Programmer Logic Controller (PLC)
  4. Having travel Parameters in accordance with each project working thickness
  5. Equipped with 8 web roller on the main chassis.
  6. Equipped with 8 flange roller on the main chassis.
  7. Possibility of simultaneous travel of the web of main table using command switches to create an exact motion for assembly.
  8. Possibility of simultaneous travel of the flange of main table using a control key to create an exact motion for assembly.
  9. Using a hydro-motor and helical gearbox to exert force on web and flange of H-beam in the main chassis.
  10. Equipped with a lower jack on the main gate for assembly of flange beams with high level of distortion.
  11. Equipped with hydro-mechanical step and an adjustable clamp for faster and more precise assembly of H beam web and flange.
  12. Having a multi-stage hydraulic set attached to the main chassis.
  13. Equipped with an automatic oil filling system on mechanical joints.
  14. Having a robust main assembly gate with 4 axis of motion to direct the pressure set precisely.
  15. Equipped with 2 web set on the main gate for heavy duty H beams with high dimensions.
  16. Equipped with 4 hydraulic joint flange rollers on movable input tables.
  17. Equipped with 2 H beam rollers on movable output tables.
  18. Equipped with pneumatic welding torch holder with an adjustable spring system (manual)
  19. A Thru flange Control panel
  20. Equipped with a radiator cooling hydraulic power unit.

H-Beam's Web LengthMin: 250 mm – Max: 1500 mm
H-Beam's Web ThicknessMin: 6 mm – Max: 40 mm
H-Beam's Flange LengthMin: 200 mm – Max: 2000 mm
H-Beam's Flange ThicknessMin: 6 mm – Max: 50 mm
H-Beam's LengthMin: 2000 mm – Max: 12000 mm
Possibility of assembling conical beamsConical Beam – Recommended Max 8°
H-Beam's Maximum loading capacityMax: 14000 kg
Machine's movement & assembly speed0.8 ~ 6 m/min
Machine's control system PLC - FATEK
Panel's degree of protectionIP52
Machine's Electric Power ConsumptionNominal Current @ Max. loud: 380v – 50Hz 3ph – 90A
Lubrication systemAutomatic Lubricant
Welding's power supplyKARA TCK 600A, 2 set
Working pressure of hydraulic assemblies and cablesUp to 180 bars
Overall Machine's Dimension (mm)W: 2300 mm H: 4500 mm L:2400
Overall Machine's Weight (kg)11800 kg
Additional optionsA. Equipped with 2 hydraulic lifting rollers in the crown of the gate for assembling heavy and large beams.

B. Equipped with pneumatic automatic guidance system for welding torches under PLC control.

C. Equipped with adjustment system and clamp to the flange of the sheet beam when starting the assembly.

D. Equipped with hydraulic jack adjustment system to correct the deflection of the beam flange during assembly