Roll Cladder Welding Machine


Number of torch welding
Workpiece Weight
Max. 3ton
Workpiece Diameter
200-1000 mm
Workpiece Length
200 - 6000 mm
Cross box Traverse Stroke from center
45 mm
Cross box Vertical Speed
0.5 m/min
Cross box Vertical Stroke
500 mm
Cross box horizontal Speed
0.5 m/min
Cross box horizontal Stroke
3200 mm
Rotation Speed
0.2 – 3 RPM
Control System
Inverter-plc – HMI (Fatek)
Input Current
50A- 50HZ

Power Source
Waving System
KARA Waving
Wire Size
Ø2.4- 2.8 mm
Water cool unit
KARA Cooling unit
Volume of Welding Powder Tank
50 lit
Total Machine WeightApprox. 5 ton

Setting range250A / 24V – 1250 / 44V

Max. load at 100% duty cycle1250A / 44V
Max. output voltage variation for 5% in variation
Max. output current at 100% D.C.106A
Open circuit voltage55V D.C
No load power500W
Input power3Ph/380V/50H
Full load Cos ø0.92
Full load efficiency0.86
Cooling TypeAir circuit with fan
Protection classIP22
Insulation classH (180°C)
Dimension L/W/H760 / 590 / 1435 mm
Weight490 Kg
Fuse (time lag)125 A
Input cable area4 x 25 mm
Output cable area2 x 95 mm